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The most serious offenses in Wisconsin fall within the homicide/sexual assault arena.  Attorney Webb has tired numerous Class A, B, C felonies to juries while representing hundreds of clients in these offense categories.  Obtaining a lawyer early in the process can result in a “no-process,” dismissal, diversion or deferred prosecution agreement.


If you are accused of a sexual assault; you cannot delay in locating an attorney because the mere allegation is life altering.  It is important to discuss your cases and devise a comprehensive strategy to combat the allegations.


If you are accused of a homicide or a Len-bias homicide (drug overdose) securing evidence and investigating the police reports are invaluable priorities that must commence upon your arrest.  Contact Attorney immediately to start your defense and shape the narrative in your favor.


As a former court commissioner for the First Judicial District in Milwaukee County; Attorney Webb has experience litigating and ruling on disputes between parties.  When you hire Attorney Webb to handle your civil disputes; you are hiring an attorney with a board spectrum of knowledge and experience.


Civil matters are expensive and time consuming but you can navigate that process if you hire the right attorney who can credibly prosecute or defend your rights.


If you are facing a possession or delivery of a controlled substances you need a lawyer who is able to argue the constitutional principles of your arrest or search of your property.


Way to often clients’ and individuals’ constitutional rights are violated and the subsequent arrest or search are invalid.  However, if you are unaware of those challenges to police action you are in jeopardy .  So, you need to contact Attorney Webb immediately to discuss your stop, seizure, search and arrest.  Because, it is as simple as the supporting affidavit for the search warrant can and should be vigorously challenged.


If you are serving our nation on active duty or guard and reserve; protect your Article 32 rights with an experienced attorney.  Attorney Webb has served more than twenty years in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in each legal discipline.   So, if you have received a notice that your commanding officer is seeking to reprimand or relieve you from command contact us.


With the significant changes to the UCMJ, Commanders have increased responsibilities and authorities to discipline the joint force.  Therefore, it is imperative that you contact an attorney with military justice, administrative law and deployed experience to represent you and your career.

Take a moment to view case information about Attorney Webb’s courtroom successes.
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